Aptasia All Gone

Back in July, I added the Berghia, and never saw them again. I assumed that they'd all died or been devoured by my aiptasia. Nope. Less than a week ago, I spotted a half dozen at the front of the tank -- most quite large, 2 mating. I also notice...

David S. from Maryland

Invert Hermit 30 Pack Mix

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Invert Hermit 30 Pack Mix


Blue Legs , Red Legs, And White Leg Hermits specialize in general algae grazing on the tank walls and the rockwork. They are easy to keep . Place on the bottom of your tank shell opening facing down. You will recieve a mix of 30 hermits.

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Great from Start to Finish

One of the best transactions from start to finish! Great job pre-shipment with the directions to care for and acclimate the nudis. And the packaging was superb with the little critters alive and healthy upon arrival and acclimation to the tank. :)

David H. from Georgia