Three Down

Thanks Guys, All Berghia arrived well and active. Aclimated them to the tank and they went hunting. 3 apstasia down so far and plenty to go. Thanks again. Travis


Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang Acanthurus olivaceus

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Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang Acanthurus olivaceus

The Orange Shoulder Tang is a social tang and not very aggressive to other tangs. As an adult the coloring will change dramatically to the orange "shoulder" from which they are named. The adult picture is below. The Orange Shoulder Tang will need an aquarium of at least 120 gallons with some rockwork. They enjoy hiding and forage in the rocks and having plenty of swimming space. They are very sensitive to water parameters. Like most tangs, the diet consists of sea veggies, seaweed, and other algaes.

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Tahiti Clam Thanks!

Clam is looking great! Thanks again! Any new shipments of these in the future? Thanks, Bill