Happily Munching

Hello, My little troupe arrived at 10.21am, and I've just finished with their acclimation. They are happily munching the aptasia now, and I thank you again for getting them in the mail last night. Once I (they) get this mess of a tank cleaned up, I'...


Mature Unicorn Tang (Naso unicornis)

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Mature Unicorn Tang (Naso unicornis)

This mature and nearly full-grown Unicorn Tang is beautiful and healthy!  It is available for local pickup ONLY.  It is approxamately 14 inches in length.

$199.00 $179.10 Ships within 24 hours.


Thanks for Great Service

Hello, We just wanted to let you know that we received our shipment yesterday and are looking forward to rectifying our HUGE aptasia problem... Thank you for your great service and expertise, and we will definately be ordering from you again as soon as...

Ed and Chris