Amazing Berghia

I want to express my gratitude. Having tried most methods of Aptasia control (to no avail) the Berghia you have supplied are a god send. Though not immediate, the Berghia love to hunt, snack and wipe out the pesty, nuisance Aptasia. No chemicals, no...

Bret Ebaugh from MSP

Mermaid's Fan Algae with Root Ball

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Mermaid's Fan Algae with Root Ball


Mermaid fans are typically found in the waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean.  They are not typically eaten by fish so they make an attractive tank decoration. They should be placed in the substrate. You receive one plant with roots.


$7.99 $6.39 Ships within 24 hours.


Thanks for great customers service!

They arrived alive and well! I was able to razor off one aptasia (sp?) to put in the water for them (while they were acclimating). One went right up to it to eat. I just couldn't snip any others as they are all on the rocks (not glass) and they retr...