Tahiti Clam Thanks!

Clam is looking great! Thanks again! Any new shipments of these in the future? Thanks, Bill


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SU Aquacultured Favia Coral - 4-17-a
Foxface Rabbit Fish
bright and docile 
$49.99 $39.99
Fishers Angel
$69.99 $55.99
Bright Turquoise Blue Maxima Clam 1- 5 to 6 Inches
$139.99 $104.99
Bright Turquoise Blue Maxima Clam - 5 to 6 Inches
beautiful& striking turquoise color 
$139.99 $104.99
Live Caulerpa Algae
For Nutrient Removal 
Red Coris Wrasse Juvenile-Coris Gaimard
$39.99 $31.99
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I am a beginner at this salt water reef tank hobby. I placed an order for several coral about a week ago from Salty. The shippment arrived right on time and everything was alive and in tact. I must say they did a great job of packing the corals and mak...

Dean Huffman from Doylestown, PA