Aquarium Maintenance

    Great deal!

    I have nothing but positive thing to say about my order. The owner offered me a deal on a rare polyp and made it very easy for me to choose the deal on the website. The animals are well package and look better than the pictures on the website! Would...

    Max Tran from Brooklyn, NY

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    Premium Twizzler Zoanthid Coral - 15 Polyps t1 2
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    Aquacultured Green Spongodes Coral - 1 Inch
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    Space Monster Zoanthid Coral - 17 Polyps
    $134.99 $85.04
    Aquacultured  Green Mushroom
    $19.99 $13.99
    Aquacultured UltraMontipora Danae Coral t-2-1
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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Thank you for all of your help

      Just wanted you to know that the corals you sent are just awesome and doing so nicely in my nano tank. I've been working on the nitrates in my reef tank and although still have all the fish in there, have been much more diligent about testing w/ "...