Great Packing & Communication

All arrived great yesterday. Great packaging job! Now its time to hope for some aiptasia to DISAPPEAR! Thank you so much for all your communication with me during this.

Clayton from Woodinville, WA

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Marbled - Checkerboard Wrasse
Worm Eater 
Pearly Head Jawfish
Beautiful and peaceful 
Flame Fin Tomini Tang
Hi Fin Red Banded Goby
Black Leopard Wrasse
Scissortail goby
Beautiful and peaceful 
Half Black Angel Fish
Purple Tube Anemone
Only 1 Left 
McCosker Flasher Wrasse  - 1.25 Inches
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Its bettet than WYSIWYG

This was my first time purchasing corals from Salty, so I wanted to know what type of photography was used. I spoke to them and they were very honest and quick to point out that they uses photoshop to eliminate soem of the blue light. I received the sh...

Walter Slone