first nudi order

Just got my first order of nudibranchs today. They all arrived alive and accounted for. The packaging was perfect and communication was better than many other sites. Very happy with purchase and cant wait to make another. Thank you!!

david ekseth from michigan

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Electric Green Birdsnest Coral 3-13-J
Bright Green And Purple Favia Coral 3-9-D
$34.99 $20.99
Crazy Clown Zoas 5 polyp 3-7-D
$28.99 $17.39
SU Ultra Bright Favia Coral 4-37-k
$29.99 $17.99
Electric Green Birdsnest Coral 4-37-j
$29.99 $17.99
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Not Just Berghias

In past have used SU's Berghias to rid tank of AAs. The Nudis did their job with amazing efficiency. Recently I ordered a grab bag -- primarily of LPS corals. Order arrived on time, and in good shape. Average size of LPS was about 3-4", which was ju...

Mike Enright from Staten Island