Vibrant Clownfish

I received the two clownfish. So far, they are doing well. I feed them New Life Spectrum marine (small) fish food and the Cyclop-eeze. They love the Cyclop-eeze. Thank you for recommending it to me. The clownfish are vibrant and colorful. Again, thank ...

William from New Jersey

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Aqua St. Thomas Mushroom Coral - Tank 2
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Captive Bred Maroon Gold Lightning Clownfish
Beautiful and Unique 
Branching Frog Spawn Coral - 1 Head N-3-18-B
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Fire Rim Zoas N-3-15-C
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Large Red Flower Pot Coral - Tank N1
Flower Pot Stock Photo 
$79.99 $63.99
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Started Immediately

Thank you for the fast and secure shipping. I acclimated the Berghia and coral. Within minutes after bring placed in my tank one Berghia was actively seen biting at an Aiptasia.

Chris W. from Illinois