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i have been buying corals, anemones and fish from Salty Underground for over half a year now and can't say enough about their customer service and shipping. In my 30+ years of salt water aquariums they are by far the best on line supplier of salt water...

richard roberts from metairie, la

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Marbled - Checkerboard Wrasse
Worm Eater 
Pearly Head Jawfish
Beautiful and peaceful 
Flame Fin Tomini Tang
Hi Fin Red Banded Goby
Black Leopard Wrasse
Scissortail goby
Beautiful and peaceful 
Half Black Angel Fish
Purple Tube Anemone
Only 1 Left 
McCosker Flasher Wrasse  - 1.25 Inches
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Lindy Update

Hey, Just another update on the berghia I purchased roughly a month ago now. They are doing thier job. I can usually find atleast 4 or so out and eating by the time I go to bed and normally I can spot a few others in holes resting or laying eggs. M...