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Quick Testimonial Here: First off, I had a terrific experience working with Lisa at Salty Underground. Her friendly and informative approach to dealing with my aptasia problem made all the difference. I had (emphasis on "had") an outbreak of aptasia...

Matthew Phillips from Morton IL

Orange and Blue Florida Ricordea Coral t-3-27-b-3

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Orange and Blue Florida Ricordea Coral t-3-27-b-3


Our orange Florida Ricordea is mounted on a frag chip. It is larger than a quarter up to half dollar. 

Ricordea sp. is a type of mushroom coral of moderate size.  It can be identified by the fact that it has contrasting raised dots across its surface.  The colors can range from orange, blue, brown, green, or purple, and be quite vibrant.  These come from Caribbean waters.

Ricordea corals require low to moderate light levels. Place Ricordea florida in low water current for best expansion.  

Ricordea are photosynthetic and survive fine with no feeding.

Please see this article for more information about mushroom corals. 

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting:  Low

Waterflow:  Low to Medium

Scientific name: Ricordea florida

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Thank you!

Ordered February ish? It is now May. I thought the berghia were dead, as aptasia continued to spread like crazy. I was wrong. Aptasia is basically gone except for a few left in the filter, berghia are all over my filter. Thank you so much for help...

Ernie L. from USA