Amazing Creatures

I just wanted to tell you, I received my order today (right on time) and i am so pleased with it. The corals look great and after a few short hours, the Berghia has had his first meal and has color. These are amazing creatures, very beautiful even for ...

Adrienne M. from PA

Premium Crazy Twizzler Zoanthid Coral - 5 Polyps t-3-18-d

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Premium Crazy Twizzler Zoanthid Coral - 5 Polyps t-3-18-d


Our colorful zoa morph is bright red with a pink center and blue eye and green skirt. There are 5 polyps growing on a frag plug.

Zoanthid polyps  are easy to keep which makes them a good choice for beginner reef aquarists. In good water parameters they will reproduce easily in the reef aquarium by budding which will increase the size of their colony. They contain the symbiotic algae "zooxanthellae" which will provide almost all of their nutritional requirements.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting:  Medium

Waterflow:  Low to High

$29.99 $22.49 Ships within 24 hours.


Got my order- everything is great!

I received my order with the Berghia nudibranches and corals, and everything is great. Everything was packaged beautifully, and arrived perfectly. They acclimated wonderfully, and I appreciate your instructions emailed to me previously. Thanks again,...