Group Swarm

I followed your instructions on introducing an aiptasia to the acclamation container. All I had was a big one so I cut it into thirds. Right now there are three swarms of berghia, and I can?t even see the aiptasia. I waited 2 hours for the acclamation...


Rainbow Urchin Asthenosoma varium

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Rainbow Urchin Asthenosoma varium

The Rainbow Urchin is a variety of colors. These Urchins can pack a powerful sting. They will need plenty of rocks to climb and feed on the algae they run across and that includes the coralline algae.

These Urchin are guaranteed live arrival.

$84.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Fourth Order Great!

Just wanted to complement you again on the beautiful corals. Everything shipped great, and they are all opening up very nicely!

Scott M. from New Jersey