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Rainfordi Goby

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Rainfordi Goby


Koumansetta rainfordi, sometimes known as Court Jester goby, is a species of goby found in the tropical reefs of the western Pacific Ocean. The name comes from the unusual markings on a green and blue body with orange horizontal stripes. The Rainfordi Goby is very peaceful, to timid and will dwell in rocks given the opportunity. It reaches a maximum size of 3 inches, twice what it is now.

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I bought 5 berghia early December. I put 3 in overflow cause I had no less than 50 aiptasia in the overflow. Put the other 2 in display tank. There were around 30 in main tank. In about a month I had around 20 berghia and 0 aiptasia. Love a aiptasia fr...

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