Berghia saved my sanity

I have tried everything to kill aiptasia and nothing worked until now. The personal service that I received from Lisa was so incredible that I thought that she was going to come in the box and help me put the Berghia in my tank. The aiptasia are disa...


Red Head Goby Elacatinus puncticulatus

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Red Head Goby Elacatinus puncticulatus

This goby was a peaceful fish to others but may fight with its own kind. They can reach up to 2 inches and will require an aquarium of at least 10 gallons with plenty of rubble and loose substrate. Their diet consists of mysis, brines, and other meaty foods. They may also take high quality pellets and flakes.

This fish is guaranteed for live arrival.

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Another Two Day Shipment

The arrived and already ate part of one of the glass anemonies! Thanks, Kip