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I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I bought 6 different corals and all arrived in perfect condition and are still doing great in my two tanks. I have had them for one month. The most amazing thing is that Salty Underground ships to Puerto Ric...

Tina Woodruff from Puerto Rico

Red Lizard Blenny

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Red Lizard Blenny


Our Red Lizard Blenny or Weaver Blenny is an interesting fish suitable for 20 gallon tank or larger. The fish is approx. 1.50 to 2 inches long.

Our blenny is eating small pellet food upon acclimation to their new tank. The will also eat live pods in the reef aquarium. Known also as the 

The Red Lizard Blenny is a semi-aggressive fish that will fare best in the established reef tank provided there are no aggressive tankmates that may compete for food.

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Corals Look Great!

Received all in good shape. They are acclimating at this time. Thanks! corals look great too! Jon