Alive after 6 Days in Transit

I got the package picked up and all 6 berghia are alive!! I guess I hold the record for the longest time in shipping at 6 days (thanks to customs and FedEx). I've put them in the tank and there were 3 egg packs as well.

Todd M. from Sudbury, ON Canada

Royal Gramma Basslet Fish - Gramma loreto

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Royal Gramma Basslet Fish - Gramma loreto


Our Royal Gramma is healthy and beautiful. The fish is 1.25 inches long and eating a variety of captive foods. This fish can be shy when first introduced to an aquarium. With time it will be an active member of the fish community.

Royal grammas are very colorful fish. They benefit from a lot of rockwork. A tank of 30 gallons or more is required.

It is eating a variety foods.

This fish is guaranteed for live arrival.


$40.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Beautiful Xenia

Every coral I received came in EXCELLENT condition. The 2 xenia that arrived were especially beautiful. Both were pulsing while they were both still in the bag. Thanks for the beautiful coral, the updates, all the helpful info, and the amazing pricing!...

Anthony Echevarria from Roanoke, VA