I Was Skeptical

I purchased 10 berghia nudibranches in early September. Within hours they all disappeared. I didn't see another at all until several weeks later, 1 lone berghia would very rarely pop out of the rocks at night. I pretty much figured the others were d...

Justin S. from USA

Snowflake Eel

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Snowflake Eel


The Snowflake Moray eel is also know as a Clouded Moray eel. This saltwater eel can grow to two feet in length. Although they do not come out and swim much, a larger aquarium would be best due to the bio load that a snowflake eel will put on the aquarium. It is also best to keep the eel in an aquarium with a lid to keep them from jumping out.

The Snowflake measures about 12 inches in length.

$47.99 Ships within 24 hours.



27 hours in my system and they left me a present already hope you get the picture. You guy's are great I am so happy cause of this. Lance