Lovin' It

My heavens, the berghia are going NUTS on my aiptasia! I only see a couple bigger ones and a handful of smaller ones (although I'm sure there are still some lurking where I can't see). The other night, I was looking in the tank, and counted EIGHT l...

Carolyn A from USA


Collector Aquacultured Rainbow Hornet Zoas Coral - 4 Polyps 3-37-j
WYSIWYG Collector Corals 
$49.99 $37.49
Rose Nebula Palys 2 Polyps 3-41-k
$39.99 $29.99
Gator Skin Discosoma Mushrooms Rock Coral 3-6-j
$69.99 $57.39
Aquacultured The Demon Red Mushroom Coral - 4-15-J
$59.99 $49.19
Mushroom Rock Coral
$249.99 $125.00
Oscar The Crouch Mushrooms Coral - 1 polyp f-t-1
$129.99 $106.59
Bright Orange Ricordea Yuma Coral f-t-1
Large Polyp 
$49.99 $40.99
Iron Man Mushroom Coral - 1 Inch Polyp 3-35-e
3 Available 
$42.99 $35.25
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Not Just Berghias

In past have used SU's Berghias to rid tank of AAs. The Nudis did their job with amazing efficiency. Recently I ordered a grab bag -- primarily of LPS corals. Order arrived on time, and in good shape. Average size of LPS was about 3-4", which was ju...

Mike Enright from Staten Island