Refreshing Customer Service

Looking forward to my next purchase as I admire your customer service, and competency. Its a refreshing concept, in this mad rush world. thanks again

Ralf S. from Fort Lauderdale


White Pin Urchin
$16.99 $13.59
Rock Urchin
$16.99 $13.59
Pencil Urchin - Eucidaris tribuloides
1.50 diameter 
$9.99 $7.99
Serpent Starfish t1-1
$29.99 $22.49
Chocolate Chip Starfish
Only a few left! 
$12.99 $9.74
Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber -Holothuria thomasi
Sand and Rock Cleaner 
$14.99 $11.24
Invert Snail  30 Pack Mix
General Grazer 
$29.99 $22.49
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The berghia arrived right at 10:30AM. Followed the instructions to a T. It went very smoothly and the first one in the tank found an anemone and started picking it apart. I put a medium anemone in the bag as suggested and that made it even easier. ...

Richard P. from Virginia