4 Days in Shipping and Still Alive!

Hi, FedEx finally delivered the shipment four days late. The berghia have actually survived. They were all still alive and I followed your instructions to put them into at least 32 oz of my acquarium water and I fed them a couple of aptasias. I left ...



Green Mushroom Coral N-3-28-C
$39.99 $31.99
Purple and Green Mushroom - 3 Polyps N-3-27-J
$79.99 $63.99
Aquacultured Hammer Coral - 1 Head Tank N2
1 Head Hammer Stock Photo 
$79.99 $63.99
Aquacultured Bam Bam Zoas Coral - 16 to 19 Polyps Tank N2
16-19 Polyps Stock Photo 
$144.99 $115.99
Aquacultured Kryptonite Candycane Coral - 3 Heads Tank N2
3 Head Candycane Stock Photo 
$59.99 $47.99
Aquacultured Hammer Coral - 6 Heads Tank N2
6 Head Hammer Stock Photo 
$249.99 $199.99
Aquacultured Bam Bam Zoas Coral - 11 to 15 Polyps Tank N2
11-15 Polyps Stock Photo 
$99.99 $79.99
Green Mushroom Coral N-3-28-F
$44.99 $35.99
Aquacultured Hammer Coral - 2 Heads Tank N2
2 Head Hammer Stock Photo 
$104.99 $83.99
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Every time I order from Lisa and the gang I am blown away. I placed another decent size order including a super nice Keds Red piece. Checkout and everything was completed. This order was placed late at night. Lisa informed me the next morning that unfo...

Stephen Kough from Old Hickory, TN