Satisfied first time customer

My purchase from Salty Underground was my first experience purchasing coral from an online source. At first I was a little skeptical about the process and condition the corals might be in when they arrived. However, this morning I recieved my corals, w...

Daniel Mounce from Fort Myers, Florida


Green Mushroom Coral N-3-28-C
$39.99 $31.99
Purple and Green Mushroom - 3 Polyps N-3-27-J
$79.99 $63.99
Aquacultured Hammer Coral - 1 Head Tank N2
1 Head Hammer Stock Photo 
$79.99 $63.99
Aquacultured Kryptonite Candycane Coral - 3 Heads Tank N2
3 Head Candycane Stock Photo 
$59.99 $47.99
Aquacultured Hammer Coral - 6 Heads Tank N2
6 Head Hammer Stock Photo 
$249.99 $199.99
Green Mushroom Coral N-3-28-F
$44.99 $35.99
Aquacultured Hammer Coral - 2 Heads Tank N2
2 Head Hammer Stock Photo 
$104.99 $83.99
Torch Coral - 1 Head N-3-27-H
$79.99 $63.99
Aquacultured Duncan Coral - 4 Heads Tank N2
$129.99 $103.99
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You Won't Believe It!

I was looking very hard, several days ago, at the bowl where I had my berghia eggs. I saw two, small Berghia sailing around the bowl!!!! I moved them to a seperate, small dish with fresh aiptasia from my display tank and fresh, aged tank water. I have ...