Perfect Aiptasia eaters

I bought 3 berghias for my 34 gallon reef tank that had a moderate aiptasia problem. The berghia worked great, they had eaten all within 1 month. It is now one year later and tank is still free of aiptasia. Perfect shipping and perfect control for this...

michael frazier

Springer Damsel

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Springer Damsel

The Springer Damsel is also referred to the as the Blue Sapphire Damsel. They are a semi-aggressive fish. Damsels are a hardy fish and easy to care for, great for a beginner. Damsels need at least a 25 gallon tank and rocks to hide in. They are not very picky eaters as they will eat shrimp and mysis brine, flakes and pellets, They may also eat flatworms, if you happen to have them in your tank.

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Great Company to do Business with

This was the first time I ever dealt with this company Great Customer Service, Thank you Lisa.... I ordered corals, I never expected how the packaging would be done for their long journey... very happy with my order everything arrived safely. Thank you...

Elaine McMahon from RI