Nice Packaging

The Berghia arrived today and I am impressed with the packaging (you appear to have great pride in your business and it shows) I followed your instructions and like someone put on your forum they disappeared. I will be checking on them each day as they...


White Reef Hermit crab

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White Reef Hermit crab

White Leg Hermit Crab are an active crab that will walk all over the aquarium. They will scavanage for food as well as eat Cyanobacteria keeping the sand clean. Like other hermits they will kill snails to take their shells.

$2.19 Ships within 24 hours.


Berghia Success!

Last year, I ordered 10 Berghias as I had a major aptasia problem. Prior to ordering the Berghias, I had tried all of the other aptasia remedies available... (ie. aptasia killers, file fish, peppermint shrimp.) I wasn't able to eradicate this problem a...

Stephanie S. from Bothell, WA