Great Service

Looks like everything arrived fine. They are aclimated and in the tank. Can't wait to see what the berghia can do. Thanks for the great service.

Janet B. from NE USA

Yellow Staghorn Damsel

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Yellow Staghorn Damsel


 The Yellow Staghorn damsel or Black-snouted sergeant major is fancy sergeant major sporting black and white stripes with highlights of yellow. Damsels do well in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium. They may be aggressive toward other fish. The Yellow Staghorn Damselfish feeds on a variety of foods, being a herbivore, including flake food.  Damsels are reef safe.

This fish has a 14 day guarantee.

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Very Cool

The Berghia are cool looking creatures. I may order more from you soon, depending on how these 8 do. After really looking at my tank, I wouldn't doubt I have 100 aiptasia in there. I followed the acclimation procedure step by step, so I should start ...