Happily Munching

Hello, My little troupe arrived at 10.21am, and I've just finished with their acclimation. They are happily munching the aptasia now, and I thank you again for getting them in the mail last night. Once I (they) get this mess of a tank cleaned up, I'...


Yellow Watchman Goby - Cryptocentrus cinctus

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Yellow Watchman Goby - Cryptocentrus cinctus


This yellow Watchman Goby is a fascinating reef fish. The fish is approx. 1.25 inches long and bright yellow. It is eating a wide variety of prepared foods.

Watchman Gobies have a symbiotic relationship with pistol shrimp in that they are the lookouts and the shrimp are the burrow diggers/keepers.

Watchman Gobies are also a peaceful saltwater fish but may fight with each other as they mature. They are easy to feed and readily take many prepared fish foods.

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The Berghia have arrived and they are beautiful. They have been acclimated and have even begun to eat. Thank you Bonnie