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SU Aquacultured Psammocora Coral N-3-13-K

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This Acropora Psammocora has bright color. The size is 1.25 inches encrusting on a tile.

It has a rather unique growth form among SPS corals. It heavily encrusts the surface it is growing on before it begins to form thick irregular branches spread across its surface. It grows well in a wide variety of lighting conditions but it will look the best when viewed under lights heavy on the blue spectrum. Moderate to strong flow is suggested to keep detritus from accumulating on its irregular surface.

This aquacultured frag is heathier than wild-caught colonies and will be easier to care for.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Peaceful

Lighting: Moderate

Waterflow: Moderate to High

Scientific Name: Acropora Psammocora

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